Some Rejected Ideas.

Long time no see! I hope the last few weeks have served you all well.

I’ve been doing a tonne of writing over the last few weeks, but not much of interest. Creative Writing is now focussed on observation, and creating characters from a combination of people you see and what you believe they may be like. Often across a week we will be asked to write 200 words and 10 lines of poetry to share the following week. My process is to jot a few beginnings down and then choose the ideas I think I have more to say about. I thought I’d share some of those beginnings, the rejects, on here today. These are the beginnings of observations and characters that I decided not to develop further for the last few weeks. I’m still working on some other blog ideas that’ll be ready to post super soon (I’ll keep you posted).

How do you start your process of writing? Do you have a process? Let me know ^_^ 

A muscle is jumping in her jaw. She has the air of a person that wants to be having fun, she’s trying, but she’s a worrier. A warrior. She will laugh, throw her head back at some joke she didn’t find particularly funny. One of her friends will notice, shoot her a look. “Okay?” it reads. She will nod imperceptibly, a plea to talk later. He will return the nod. They both adjust their posture. Breathe in, smile and rejoin the conversation with a renewed vigour. They ask questions, they make jokes. They actually smile. Something on the screen makes them laugh and she catches herself, remembers that she was worrying…

She begins talking about baby food. We all look at her in disgust and now she is imploring us, “not the savoury stuff, but there’s like a carrot one with cinnamon and it’s really nic- stop LOOking at me like that! I just- when I’m hungry at work I just” she mimes, a pouch in her hand, and she eats it like one of those yoghurt pouches that were so popular in school lunchboxes. Laughs. She scrolls through her phone, sees a picture of a corgi. They have a new corgi at home, she helped to name it. Finn, and it suits him, we are all reassured. There’s a new club we should go to. Where is it? She checks the map. I’m gonna map, how far it is away, from right here. She creates a rhythm, each syllable punctuated with a slap on the table…

I can see the exact moment that it changes. He’s remembered something. His eyes register something, he looks away. Breathes in, fixes his hat, tries to smile. Not a success. So he tries once more. A physical lift of the upper half of his body. But the conviction isn’t there and the smile has faded before it was even fully formed, not even temporarily reaching out of his eyes. He apologises, entirely unnecessarily…

Have a great day

Aimee x



On Missing Friends (and ideas)

This week I had my first Creative Writing seminar. Oh man. It was so scary.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am still SO excited to be taking this module. I love writing, I’m excited to challenge myself and bounce ideas off other people and read my peers’ amazing ideas. But I was not prepared for the idea that I would have to write from a prompt- one that may be super personal- and be ready to read out 5 minutes worth of free writing to people I barely know. I am awful at sharing stuff unless it has been edited within an inch of its life, and free writing, to be quite frank, scares the shit out of me. (For anyone who (like me prior to Monday) isn’t familiar with free writing, as I understand it the concept is you set yourself a time limit (and often a prompt) and simply write whatever comes into your head without editing or stopping until you have reached your time limit. Scary.)

ANYWAY Scary Free Writing aside (a little)- our homework for this week was to write a 150 word memory with an overwhelming emotion- without telling the reader what the emotion was. This was so tricky- and I urge anyone reading this to give it a go because it’s super interesting (let me know how you get on). Here’s mine- on missing friends and family:

I spare a moment for each of the photos on the wall, taking the time to read the smile on each persons face and let them wash over me. Charli rugby tackling her boyfriend Jack, a laugh captured as it turns into shock as he lifts her up to prevent her from catching the ball. Jess posing with the ridiculous papier mache duck she was forced to make for an art project, her wry smile hiding an exasperation that few would notice. My brother Luke with ice cream dripping down his chin. Lizzy and I fighting it out on a bungee run on the last ever day of school, determination etched across our faces. My mum and I arguing “you’re so pretty”, “no, you’re so pretty”, until one of us caves and retorts dramatically- “I know” and poses before collapsing into giggles that echo around me. Each of these pictures from a world away and yet all here together and an empty ache is rising in my throat as I stare at these photos of a past so present that I had forgotten it existed. I take a deep breath in and pick up the phone, ready to hear some familiar voices.

Honestly I’m not too happy with this piece. I feel like I need more words. But I guess that’s what a degree is for, and hopefully my writing will improve over time. I sent this to my two dear friends Charli and Jack (as mentioned in the piece) and I found it interesting that they both told me that they thought the emotion was sadness. I personally saw this almost as a happy memory, in reminiscing of past times, though of course I can see the sadness within it. It’s so interesting how many differently we all see things like this- and how we all interpret writing just a little differently.


I don’t really know what to write about yet on this blog. I kind of want to get a vague underlying theme going but I’m just going to put a list of possible ideas that interest me here and if any of them interest any of you aswell (yay twinsies) then just leave me a comment and we can go from there:

  • Musicals
  • Disney
  • Book reviews/ recommendations
  • Studying an English Degree
  • Movie reviews
  • Lifestyle
  • Day to day ramblings, rants and thoughts (kind of what this blog has been so far)
  • Creative writing

I hope you had a wonderful week.

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Guess who’s back

Here we go again.

Back at uni again for a second term. Being home for a whole month and seeing all of my secondary school friends felt so incredibly normal, to the point where being back at uni feels like starting over as a new student again (though this time with the added benefit of already having friends). Now home feels an awfully long way away, despite being a mere hour and a half away (how pathetic right!) But one of the great things about being back is that I get to indulge in some more decorating, this time with the mass of fairylights and fake candles that I was given over Christmas. Perhaps I’ll do a room tour post if anyone wants to see my Disney Fairytale meets Uni chaos decorating. But being back also forces me to confront the harsh reality that I have two essay deadlines this week, and still a long way to go with each. Roll on Friday!

Are any of you at University or College? How are you all finding going back? Did you have good holidays?

I suppose I’d better get back to those essays…

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Page 4 of 365

So New Year is officially done and dusted, and the lingering magic that it brought I feel has almost run out. So what happens next? In this allocated time frame of 2017 I feel some goals need to be set. Shall we make a list? Let’s make a list. Gotta love a good list. My primary goals for 2017 are:

  • Make it through my first year of Uni without worrying too much (hahaha we’ll see).
  • Make time for friends as much as possible. Seeing everyone back at home has made me realise how much I’ve missed everyone over the past 4 months!
  • Start considering post-uni life (scary stuff).
  • Write on here on a relatively regular basis- and have fun with it (on my last blog I think it failed because I put pressure on myself to write to please people, I still want to do that, but this blog is also for me).
  • Work on some short stories, and stop shying away from difficult to write ideas.
  • Read non-course related books. Doing an English degree means I ALWAYS have set reading to do. Because of that- if I have free time, I tend to gravitate towards something that isn’t reading, which I kind of miss. This year I want to attack the mass pile of books on my wishlist- classics, greats, young adult trash, you name it- it’s probably on the list.

There’s a tonne of other stuff that links into this basics list but I think I’ll save it for another day now. Let me know what your goals for 2017 are, and why? Let’s start a good old chat in the comments.

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New Year’s Resolutions

You know- I’ve never really understood the hype around new year. Time is constantly passing and yet we only really celebrate the last 10 seconds of the passage of one year and the beginning of another, as though those few seconds are the only few that give us the capacity to change our entire lives for the better. And inevitably, most of the time lives don’t change- people don’t change- especially not permanently.

I spent the New Year this year at a friends house for a party with around 20 friends I hadn’t seen since before starting university (around  4 months ago). It was so great to have a catch up with those I hadn’t really been in contact with, but as I’m not really big on drinking I took my two drinks for the night spread out and watched as the alcohol fuelled antics began. Aside from being thoroughly entertaining (and at times just a tad stressful) this New Year actually forced me to confront the importance of making personal goals, and although I regard the entire idea of New Year’s Resolutions as pointless (if you want to make a change, do it whenever!) I actually made myself a resolution. Not for the New Year, for the future. Last year I told myself I would worry less about other people, which I should point out has proved catastrophically unsuccessful, so this year I’m taking a new approach. My new vow is to start letting go more. Letting go of niggling little worries about what every person will think, letting go of the consequences of that one fun night out you could have, letting go of uptight Aimee when she doesn’t need to be around and letting impulsive Aimee do something perhaps just a little bit stupid, for the sake of a new memory.


We’ll see how it goes. Happy New Year.

Aimee x


First Post

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Aimee, and I’ll be your resident blogger for as long as you’ll allow me on your screens.

I’m super excited to start writing on here, but there are just a few things you should know about me before we go about beginning this adventure together:

  • I’m an 18 year old Disney addict.
  • I’m currently stumbling my way through my first year of university, without hitting the bottle.
  • I have FAR too many ambitions.
  • For a girl who obsessively organises, I’m AWFUL at keeping to writing schedules. I’ll do my best though.
  • I’m dragging you all along on this journey with me.

Still here? Well then what are we waiting for? Let’s begin. If you ever have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please don’t hesitate leave a comment below, or email me on

Yours Most Sincerely,

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